Neuro Astrology

Neuro Astrology
Neuro Astrology is a New Astrology experience that involves learning how you think, feel, react, and communicate with your family, friends, and co-workers.  A special technique of reading a chart that helps you understand yourself better so that you can function at your highest potential, allowing you optimal communication with your inner & outer-world.   Neuro Astrology

Neuro Integration

Neuro Integration
Neuro Integration allows the brain to change the pathways, change the mind, and change our lives. Neuro Integration rejuvenates the nervous system through an innovative, non-invasive, non-traumatic, gentle, healing technique. Benefiting anyone in need of an alternative method of healing trauma, pain, emotional discord, physical damage, and limiting beliefs.   Neuro Integration

The Apothecary

With over 30 years of formulating products for customers and large companies Anae Campbell is bringing you her personal best to The AlcheMystery Apothecary.  Using a specialized process involving quantum energetics to infuse the greatest healing potential into our already potent formulas for optimal health and wellness. The Apothecary

What people think of AlcheMystery

Is the source of our emotional pain or depression in the present instead of twenty or thirty years ago?  “We may be depressed partly because this is the soul’s reaction to the mourning and grieving that we’re not consciously doing.”  Hillman 2016

Possibly, we are not doing enough to stop the destruction of our world, of nature, of cities, of whole groups of people and of ourselves.  We are unable to be openly loving and living a happy life because of some perceived harm that was done to us years ago.  What causes our grief?  What is this missing puzzle piece?

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Neuro-Integration is one of the two most powerful and beneficial healing
systems I have ever learned in 12 years of attending advanced bodywork
seminars and workshops. Fast results and deep healing on numerous levels.
Deeply transformational hands on healing. For those of you who teach yoga,
this will give you a way to access healing and transformational outcomes in
your private yoga students that would take them years and years of yoga
practice to obtain. I am speaking from my own experience of this work as I
have received it myself.

This healing work can help children and animals as well. It is also a
modality that is user friendly to the practitioner and encourages people to
participate in and take responsibility for their own healing.

Person by person it can literally change the world and how people experience
their lives.


Neuro-Integration has changed my life. I am 52 years old and all of my life I
have gone from one emotional drama to another or I have gone to the other
extreme of blocking my emotions, and feeling very little. NI has helped me to
pay attention to what I was saying to myself in my mind and to look at the
beliefs I held about myself in relation to the world. Once I identified
self-defeating dialogue in my mind and myself I used the NI work to disengage
the thing I no longer wanted to hold on to. NI has helped me to be able to
make new choices for myself and change old mind-sets. It is very easy to do.
The results are easy to accomplish and they last. There is no “effort” to
change the bad habits, you virtually change your brain and change your life.