Neuro Astrology

Neuro Astrology
Neuro Astrology is a New Astrology experience that involves learning how you think, feel, react, and communicate with your family, friends, and co-workers.  A special technique of reading a chart that helps you understand yourself better so that you can function at your highest potential, allowing you optimal communication with your inner & outer-world.   Neuro Astrology

Neuro Integration

Neuro Integration
Neuro Integration allows the brain to change the pathways, change the mind, and change our lives. Neuro Integration rejuvenates the nervous system through an innovative, non-invasive, non-traumatic, gentle, healing technique. Benefiting anyone in need of an alternative method of healing trauma, pain, emotional discord, physical damage, and limiting beliefs.   Neuro Integration

The Apothecary

With over 30 years of formulating products for customers and large companies Anae Campbell is bringing you her personal best to The AlcheMystery Apothecary.  Using a specialized process involving quantum energetics to infuse the greatest healing potential into our already potent formulas for optimal health and wellness. The Apothecary

What people think of AlcheMystery

I am a different person following the series of integrations you did with me. I am so pleased with the new way I am approaching each event of each day and how I perceive and react to challenges and even ordinary situations with others. Read full testimonial…


My chart includes 2 bulls and a lion expressing themselves!   Am I ever glad  I  learned how to direct their communication in my mind and listen to the minds

of the people in my life!

This class helped me understand my personal way of thinking, and my husband’s way too.  My being inward directed and his being outward directed brings a real divine truth of how we accomplish things in our lives.  It has been a real blessing in my marriage to be understanding, and be able to keep judgment out of our marriage. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!